July 29-August 3, 2019

Ironwood Springs Christian Ranch

Grades 6-12

Jesus Over Everything is the theme for this year's AWAKEN YOUTH BIBLE CAMP

based on Philppians 3:7-11

Come and join us and invite your friends. This is going to be powerful!!

Lots to do at Ironwood Springs Christian Ranch! Click below for more info. 

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Contact Kari Vogt for questions

AWAKEN YOUTH meets on both Sunday mornings during the school year and Wednesday evenings year around, plus retreats and a summer youth camp. 

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For questions contact Kari Vogt.


Sunday Mornings

On Sunday mornings during the school year from 9:40-10:20 am

Awaken Confirmation 6th-9th grade

Awaken Sundays 10th-12th grade

For more information contact Kari Vogt


Wednesday & Sunday Nights

Join us for Wednesday Nights at Awaken Youth

Awaken Middle School 6th-8th Grade 6:30 pm

Awaken Sr. High Serve 6:20-8:00 pm

New this year! Sunday Nights for Sr High

Awaken Sr. High 9th-12th Grade 6:30 pm

For more information contact Kari Vogt